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Car Finance Pay as you go

Car Finance Pay as you go

Need a Car and Can’t get Credit? Try our Pay As You Go Car Finance!

Get Your Finance Approved First then pick your car. Choose from the cars we have in stock. We can even help you find your ideal car if we don’t already have it!!! With our contacts across the UK, we can find your ideal car, van or even motorbike once the finance is approved.


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How Does Pay As You Go Car Finance work?

A pay-as-you-go loan is a special sort of credit agreement in which, should you miss payments there is a device that will prevent you from driving the vehicle. An Initial payment is required for PAYG car financing usually equal to a monthly payment. Then followed by regular monthly instalments (it is based on a Hire Purchase agreement). Once all payments have been made, you will become the new owner. The cost will vary according to the amount borrowed and the length of the agreement.

Vehicle Sales Agreement.


Does Pay As You Go Car Finance Help Improve My Credit Rating?

Your car will be fitted with one of two devices. Either one that uses a GPS signal or one in which you will input a code that will be sent to you via text message every month, both operated normally provided that you have made your regular payment. If you haven’t been able to pay, then your car will be disabled the next time you’re parked and your engine is off. Because of this kind of financing, your creditors can count on receiving a payment each month. And so your credit score will increase with each timely payment you make.

How do I apply for Pay As You Go Car Finance?

You can apply below for Pay As You Go Car Finance and our helpful team will provide you with a quick decision. Our acceptance rates are high and all circumstances are considered. Find out what deal you are eligible for right now while avoiding a hard credit search when you enter your details into the Pay As You Go Car Finance Quick Checker form.

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Pay Monthly or Weekly Vehicles with No Credit Score Check

If you have bad credit and are hoping to purchase a car on finance, The Motor Place are the company for you. We are an expert sub-prime car finance broker.

Some Pay As You Go cars allow you to take control of your budget with weekly payments; however most lenders and drivers prefer monthly payments.

Start your Pay As You Go Car Finance today by applying online with The Motor Place Here.

Your application lets us know your information and we can start the search for the best finance option. For more information or to speak to a member of the team, you can call 01472 733007.

Come and see why more & more customers are buying from The Motor Place. Please call 01472 733007, Whatsapp 07706 970229 or send us a message for more details.


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