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Alpinestars Fluid Tech Right Carbon XL-XXL

The Alpinestars Fluid Tech Knee Brace is constructed from an innovative advanced carbon polymer compound for improved strengt hand performance. The Fluid Tech knee brace reduces the risk and severity of injury by preventing hyperextension of the knee in an accident. Because of the innovative engineering the Fluid Tech is very lightweight and offers a highly customizable and secure fit, while affording improved directional movement of the knee articulation while riding. The Fluid Tech Knee Brace is fully CE Certified to EN 1621-1, the brace has a strong construction from a new and advanced, high-performance carbon polymer compound. These protectors incorporate the DEFT (Dynamic ErgoFit Tech) which is an innovative, reduced material design construction for improved weight-saving and excellent ergonomic performance. The knee cup system is constructed from semi-rigid TPU for durability, backed by shock-absorbing PU memory foam for comfort. The Fluid Tech has a customizable, versatile and secure fit afforded by size adapter system, the knee brace comes with anatomically optimized ErgoFit spacer kits for improved directional articulation performance and position stability.

Original price was: £249.32.Current price is: £236.46.

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