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Compatible for BMW E36 E46 328i 325i M52B28 Conrods Titanizing 4340 H Beam Connecting Rods

ApplicationCompatible for BMW E36 E46 328i 528i M52B28Compatible for BMW M52 3.2 LTRCompatible for BMW M20 325i/s / E36 M3 M52 TU M52B28Compatible for BMW M20B25 / M50B25/M54B30 / M52B32/S52B30/S52B32SpecificationH-beam Conrods Quantity: 6 Pieces as showing in pictureThe big end bores are honed to a +/-.01mm toleranceAdvertised Horsepower Rating: 250HP/pieceAdvertised RPM Rating: 9000 rpmBolts Size: ARP 2000 3/8″ boltsThe connecting rods all include ARP 2000 bolts, which are rated at 220,000 psi, and the optional ARP L19 material at 260,000 psi is available as an upgraded product.Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defectDimensionsCenter to center length: 135mm/5.315″Big end diameter: 48mm/1.89″Small end diameter: 22mm/0.866″Big end width: 21.9mm/0.862″Small end width: 21.9mm/0.862″FeaturesThe density of titanium is significantly lower than that of steel, while maintaining considerable strength, which means that it is lighter than steel, but the strength is very similar.1. Titanizing can further improve the bending strength of the product;2. Titanizing will not affect the weight of the connecting rod;3. Provide a wear-resistant layer, which greatly prolongs the service life of the parts;4. Beautiful.NoticeProfessional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)Custom Service: If there’s no conrods you need on our site, we would be happy to help determine your requirements and develop a solution with you to satisfy your needs.

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