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Compatible for Volkswagen VW Passat B5 1.9 TDI 1997-2000 110HP AHH AFN 1.9L cac Turbo

IntroductionLooking to boost your car’s horsepower? Is your car’s original turbocharger not performing well or need replacing? Maxpeedingrods stocks all the best OEM-quality turbochargers and turbo parts to give your car the power, performance, and reliability you deserve. Maxpeedingrods aftermarket replacement turbos provide the perfect solution by delivering a high-quality turbo at a budget-friendly price.ApplicationCompatible for Audi A4 1.9 TDI (B5/8D2)1997-2000 81 KW/110 PSAFN/AVGCompatible for Audi A4 1.9 TDI (B5/8D2)1997-2001 66Kw//90ps AHHCompatible for Audi A4 1.9 TDI (B5/8D2)1998-2001 85 KW / 115 PS ATJ/AJMCompatible for Audi A4 1.9 TDI (B6) 2001-2005 74 KW / 101 PSAVBCompatible for Audi A6 1.9 TDI (C5) 1997-2001 81 KW / 110 PSAFN/AVGCompatible for Audi A6 1.9 TDI (C5) 1998-2001 85 KW / 115 PSAJMCompatible for Skoda Superb I(B5 3U) 1.9 TDI 2001-2005 74 KW / 101 PSAVBCompatible for Volkswagen Passat B5 1.9 TDI 1997-2000 81 KW / 110 PS AFN/AVGCompatible for Volkswagen Passat B5 1.9 TDI 1998-2000 66KW/90 PS AHHCompatible for Volkswagen Passat B5 1.9 TDI 1998-2005 74 KW / 101 PS AVBCompatible for Volkswagen Passat B5 1.9 TDI 1998-2005 85 KW / 115 PS AJM/ATJTurbo Modelfor GT1749V (S1), for GT1749V(S2)Engine CodeAVB, AFN, ATJ,AJM,AHHTurbo Part Number & OEM Number454231-0001, 454231-0002, 454231-0003, 454231-0004, 454231-0005, 454231-0006, 454231-0008,454231-0007,454231-7, 454231-0009,454231-0010, 454231-5001S 454231-5002S 454231-5003S, 454231-5005S,454231-5006S, 454231-5007S, 454231-5008S 454231-5009S 454231-5010S, 454231-5012S, 454231-9012S,4542315013S, 454231-9013S,454231-0013,4542310013028145702H, 028145702HV,028145702HX, 028145702R, 028145702RV, 028145702RX,038145702L,038145702LV,038145702LX,28145702RV500,028145702HV225HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR TURBOCHARGERIf you are not sure fitment for your old turbo , please let us know this information : 1 . The OEM code information from your original turbo nameplate 2 . The Engine code & KW , HP , Year for your car3 . The Photos ofyour complete turbo4 . Please note that the registration number cannot identify your turbochargerSpecificationCooling Type:Oil CoolingBearing Type: Journal Bearing/Floating Bearing Hosepower:Up to 114 HPCondition: NewWarranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defectAccessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture aboveNote*Please check the Turbo Model, Turbo Part Number and OEM Part Number on your original Turbo to make sure this turbo is the correct one for your engine. If you need assistance finding the correct turbo for your car, please feel free to contact us.*Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instructions are Included)

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