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Schuberth SR2 Horizon Black L

Why choose the Schuberth SR2 Horizon Black ? The Schuberth SR2 is a great full face helmet by Schuberth for Race/Sport riders. Compared to any other style helmets, full face helmets provide the best overall protection as they cover you from top to chin. This is why you only ever see full face helmets on the track. When deciding on a new helmet and safety is your top priority you cannot go wrong with a full face helmet. If this SR2 is not the helmet you are looking for, don’t worry we have a lot of other Schuberth full face motorcycle helmets () in our collection. Safety features of the SR2 A helmet’s job first and foremost is to provide protection. Constructed from Fiberglass / fiber mix, this Black SR2 is generally stronger than a polycarbonate shell. These helmets are lightweight, durable and slightly flexible, allowing for excellent impact absorption. The chinstrap is an important part of the helmet’s effectiveness in a crash and It is also the part that you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. The SR2 features a Double-D buckle. This is probably the oldest style buckle and has the simplest design. Yet it is considered to be the safest to date and Double-D chin straps are the only ones allowed on the racetrack. Of course all of our helmets are certified and road legal for European roads as this helmet is ECE 22.05 approved. This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries like Australia and Canada. The SR2 Comfort Besides safety, comfort is key to any good helmet, this SR2 features a ventilation system with 3 Intake ports, 4 Exhaust ports which keeps you fresh and cool. In addition the helmet is fitted with a Removable, Washable interior. The Fiberglass / fiber mix shell makes the helmet weigh 1400g and our customers rate this helmet to have an Intermediate fit. Schuberth SR2 looks A helmet is arguably the most expressive piece of gear that a motorcyclist can wear. Especially full face helmets come in a wide range of color options and even replicas ()of your favorite MotoGP riders. If you are looking for a Black, Grey helmet this particular version of the SR2 is a great choice! It has a Graphic design and a Matt paint finish. Do you like the helmet, but are just not in love with the color? We have all available colors from the SR2 () right here!

Original price was: £555.68.Current price is: £500.11.

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