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Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL

Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL

Introducing the Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL – Your Ultimate Modular Helmet for Adventure/Touring and Urban/Street Riding!

Why Choose the Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey?

The Shark Evojet is the perfect companion for riders who demand comfort and versatility during long hours on the road. This modular helmet combines the full-face protection of a traditional helmet with the convenience of a jet helmet, thanks to its flip-up chin piece. If you’re on the hunt for a helmet that prioritizes your riding experience, look no further.

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Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL
Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL

Safety Features of the Evojet

At its core, a helmet’s primary purpose is to keep you safe, and the Evojet Blank Nardo Grey doesn’t disappoint. Crafted from durable Polycarbonate, this black beauty offers outstanding protection without draining your wallet. The chinstrap, a crucial element in crash safety, boasts a quick-release buckle for ease of use. Similar to a car’s seatbelt, this spring-operated catch ensures secure fastening and quick removal.

Rest easy knowing that our helmets meet the stringent ECE 22.05 safety standards, making them road legal for European journeys. Plus, this safety rating extends to many other countries, including Australia and Canada, so you can ride with confidence wherever you roam.

The Evojet’s Comfort

Beyond safety, comfort is paramount in a quality helmet. The Evojet Blank Nardo Grey shines in this department, featuring a ventilation system with an exhaust port and an intake port. These design elements keep you cool and refreshed, even during demanding rides. Additionally, the helmet boasts a removable and washable interior, perfect for riders who wear glasses. Weighing in at just 1450g, the Polycarbonate shell ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit that our customers rave about.

Shark Evojet’s Striking Appearance

Your helmet is a statement piece on the road, and the Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL makes a bold one. This version boasts a sleek mono-color design with a glossy paint finish, making it a standout choice for riders who appreciate style as much as substance. Not a fan of the color? No worries – we offer a range of available colors from the Evojet series to suit your preferences.

Don’t compromise on safety or comfort. Upgrade your riding experience with the Shark Evojet Blank Nardo Grey XL today!


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